Initial setup

In order to use AWS Application Migration Service, you must create a Replication Server template. The template defines configuration of the server, that is responsible for receiving data sent by Application Migration Service agents and persisting the data on EBS volumes in your AWS account.

  1. Go to AWS Application Migration Service console

  2. Click on Get started button

  3. Populate Set up Application Migration Service screen with the following value

    Parameter Value
    Staging area subnet TargetVPC-public-a

    This is the subnet where AWS Application Migration Service will create Replication Servers.

    Use default values for other parameters (click on the Info link next to them to understand their purpose).

    Initial setup

  4. Click Create template button

You can always change Replication Settings template for given AWS region in the Settings screen.

Now we can go to the next step, so installation of Application Migration Service agent on the source webserver.