Launch test instance

Before we can finalize migration, we need to test it.

  1. Go to server details and click on the Test and Cutover button, then from the menu select Launch test instance.

    Launch test instance

    Confirm the launch on the popup and wait for the test machine to be launched. Testing process allows to validate the conversion of the boot volume and target server network configuration (as defined in EC2 Launch Template).

    To see progress of the test launch click on the Job ID in the Lifecycle section.

    Job id

    Wait for the Completed Status (it should take ~10-15 minutes).

    Job progress

  2. Go back to Source Servers, click on your server Hostname, then Test and Cutover -> Mark as “ready for cutover” and Continue on the popup to confirm that the testing went succesful and testing instance can be terminated.

    Ready for cutover

    Now you are ready to launch the cutover instance.