For the self-paced lab, at the end make sure to delete all resources that you’ve created, including:

  1. In CloudEndure Console

    • Select machines that were migrated (with checkbox) and click on Machine Actions -> Stop Data Replication For 1 Machine
    • Select machines that were migrated (with checkbox) and click on Machine Actions -> Remove 1 Machine from This Console

    CloudEndure Migration Remove Servers

  2. In AWS Application Migration Service

    • Select server and click on Actions -> Mark as archived, confirming archiving
  3. In AWS RDS Console

  • Modify created database to remove Deletion Protection (apply changes immediately) RDS Remove Deletion Protection

  • Delete created databases (without final snapshot and without retaining automated backups) RDS Confirm Deletion

  1. In AWS DMS Console
  • Stop and (when it’s in Stopped state) - delete created tasks. Wait for the task to be deleted.

  • Delete created endpoints. Wait for endpoints to be deleted.

  • Delete created replication instances. Wait for the replication instance to be deleted.

  • Delete created subnet group

    Go to AWS DMS Dashboard to confirm that everything was deleted (assuming you didn’t use DMS before, you should see 0’s everywhere, like on the screenshot below). DMS Dashboard confirmation

  1. In Amazon EFS Console
  • Delete created Elastic File Systems
  1. In AWS ECS
  • Delete created services
  • Delete created task definitions
  • Delete created clusters
  1. In AWS EC2 Console
  • Terminate created EC2 machines (including those with ‘CloudEndure’ prefix in their name)
  • Delete created Load balancers
  1. In AWS CloudFormation
  • Delete the ApplicationMigrationWorkshop stack
  1. In AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Delete the created Application

When the ApplicationMigrationWorkshop stack is deleted, review your AWS Account and delete all remaining resources that were created during this lab.

Additionally we would appreciate if you would provide anonymous feedback for this workshop.