Create and Run a Replication Task

Configure and Run a Replication Task

Still in the AWS DMS console, go to Database migration tasks and click the Create Task button.

  1. Enter the following parameter values in the Create database migration task screen:

    Parameter Value
    Task identified replication-cdc
    Replication instance replication-instance
    Source endpoint source-endpoint
    Target endpoint target-endpoint
    Migration type Migrate existing data and replicate ongoing changes
    Start task on create Checked


  2. In the Task settings panel enter the following values (leave everything else as default):

    Parameter Value
    Target table preparation mode Do nothing
    Enable CloudWatch logs Checked
    Enable validation Checked


  3. In the Table mappings panel select Wizard mode, press the Add new selection rule button and select wordpress-db in the Schema drop-down.

    If you don’t see wordpress-db on the Schema drop-down, select Enter schema and type wordpress-db into the Schema name field.


  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Create task button to create the task and start the data replication.


When the task is running, you can review it’s details to see information about tables and number of rows that are replicated.