Server Migration

Server Migration Patterns

In this section, you will migrate your web server using different migration strategies. Each migration strategy requires different set of activities and tools. Most common server migration strategies are listed as below.

  1. REHOST: Move applications without changes, (also known as lift-and-shift). Benefit from AWS migration tools like agent-based Application Migration Service, CloudEndure Migration or agent-less Server Migration Service.
  2. REPLATFORM: Make a few cloud optimizations to achieve a tangible benefit. You will not change the core architecture of the application.
  3. REPURCHASE: Move from perpetual licenses to a software-as-a-service model. AWS Marketplace offers a curated digital catalog of software solutions that support each phase of migration.
  4. REFACTOR: Re-imagine how the application is architected and developed using cloud-native features.


Choose your Migration Pattern

At this point, decide your preferred migration pattern and continue with the related section:

  1. Rehost with Application Migration Service - primary migration service recommended for lift-and-shift migrations to AWS

  2. Rehost with CloudEndure

  3. Replatform - Containers

  4. Replatform - Elastic Beanstalk