Re-host with CloudEndure

CloudEndure Migration Overview

CloudEndure Migration enables organizations to migrate even the most complex workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) without disruption, or data loss. Through continuous block-level replication, automated machine conversion, and application stack orchestration, CloudEndure Migration simplifies the migration process and reduces the potential for human error.

Whether you are migrating to AWS or across regions within AWS, CloudEndure Migration gives you the flexibility you need and delivers the security controls you require to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital ecosystem.


Benefits of CloudEndure Live Migration include:

  • Cutover windows of minutes and no data loss
  • 100% data integrity for all applications (including databases and legacy applications)
  • Large-scale migrations with no performance impact
  • Wide platform and source Operating Systems support
  • Automated migration to minimize IT resources and project length

CloudEndure Migration is now available at no charge for all migrations to AWS.
Go to CloudEndure Migration Registration page to create an account and start migrating to AWS in minutes!

You can learn more about CloudEndure Migration by watching the video below.

In this lab you will perform re-hosting (also known as Lift and shift migration) of the webserver following the steps below:

  1. CloudEndure Configuration
  2. Install Agent on Source Machine(s)
  3. Prepare Blueprint
  4. Do the Cutover
  5. Configure Application