Install Agents on Source Machines

From CloudEndure console, navigate to the Machines screen which will show you How to Add Machines and provide instructions to install the agent on the source machine.


Install Agent on the Webserver

  1. Get the source Webserver information

    For self-paced lab - it’s described on the Output section of the ApplicationMigrationWorkshop CloudFormation Template.


    For AWS Event - it’s described at Webserver IP, Webserver Username and Webserver SSH Key on the Team Dashboard.


  2. Download and save locally (for example as webserver.pem file) the Webserver SSH key (.pem)

    If you’re using Microsoft Windows OS, please convert the SSH key .pem file to .ppk using PuttyGen and then use Putty to connect (more details can be found here.

  3. Connect to the Source Webserver using SSH terminal

    For Microsoft Windows users review this article.
    For Mac OS users review this article.

  4. Run the commands copied from the How to Add Machines to download and install the agent:

    CloudEndure Agent installation example output

    When done properly, you will receive a message stating that the Installation finished successfully.

    Commands for installing agent can also be obtained from the CloudEndure console Machines -> MACHINE ACTIONS -> Add Machines

  5. Once agent is installed, Machine will show up in the CloudEndure console -> Machines tab.