Prepare Blueprint(s)

While the instances are being replicated, let’s configure a CloudEndure Target Machine Blueprint, which is the specification of your Target machine (replicated instance) that will be launched in AWS. It includes parameters such as machine type (for example t3.medium), subnet where the machine should be running, private IP address and disk types.

To configure the Blueprint, go to the Machines tab and click on the name of the machine that you want to configure. Then navigate to the BLUEPRINT section.


Provide the following information:

Parameter Value
Machine Type t3.small
Launch Type On demand
Target subnet TargetVPC-public-subnet-b
Security group Create new
Private IP Create new
Tags Add a ‘Name’ Tag with value ‘Webserver’

Everything else will be left as default, but review it to understand the available configuration options available for your target instance.

If you’re going through this workshop on an AWS Event, you must select Machine type not larger than *.large, otherwise your IAM privileges will prevent you from operating on created instances later in the workshop.

If you don’t see input fields on the BLUEPRINT page or it’s hard to scroll through them, scale down your screen (Control -).

When done, click the SAVE BLUEPRINT button at the bottom of the page.