CloudEndure Configuration

To begin, you will need to configure CloudEndure with AWS credentials to access your AWS account and replication destination location (subnet) within target AWS account for the CloudEndure Replication Server.

Configure AWS Credentials.

  1. Login to CloudEndure Console at


    For self-paced lab - use your existing CloudEndure Migration Account or create a new CloudEndure Migration Account and a new CloudEndure Project

    For AWS Events - use CloudEndure Username and Password listed in the Event Engine - Team Dashboard.

    CloudEndure Credentials

    If they are not shown on the Event Engine - Team Dashboard, please contact the presenter to provide you with the credentials.

  2. Navigate to Setup & Info > AWS Credentials tab.


  3. Click the EDIT button and enter AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key

    For self-paced lab - copy this information from the Output section of the ApplicationMigrationWorkshop CloudFormation Template, it will look like on the screenshot below.

    CloudEndure IAM Access and Secret Access Key

    For AWS Event - copy this information from your Event Engine - Team Dashboard - CloudEndure AWS Credentials section, it will look like on the screenshot below.

    CloudEndure IAM Access and Secret Access Key

    Overwrite any values that are already present in AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key fields.

  4. Once you entered the AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key, click the SAVE button.

Configure Replication Settings.

Once you save your AWS Credentials, you will be automatically redirected to the Setup & Info > REPLICATION SETTINGS tab, this is where you configure details of the CloudEndure Replication Server.

Before proceeding refresh the browser to retrieve the latest information from your AWS account (you can do this by pressing the F5 button or manually refreshing your browser by clicking on the refresh button).


  1. Update the configuration of the REPLICATION SETTINGS screen to match the values below:

    Parameter Value
    Migration Source Other Infrastructure
    Migration Target AWS US West (Oregon)
    Replication Server instance type Default
    Converter instance type m5.large
    Dedicated replication servers Unchecked
    Subnet for the replication servers TargetVPC-public-a
    Security Group for the replication servers Default CloudEndure Security Group
    Use VPN or DirectConnect (using a private IP) Unchecked
    Enable volume encryption Checked
    Choose the Volume Encryption Key you wish to apply to the Replication Servers’ volumes Default volume encryption key


  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click SAVE REPLICATION SETTINGS button.

    If on top of the screen you see a notice saying that AWS credentials must be refreshed, please refresh the browser (F5).